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The Bahja Omani Association for Orphans is classified as a non-governmental charity for orphans
It was established on 10/2/2014 in accordance with Royal Decree No. 14/2000.

Our Vision


Provide care and assistance to orphans inside and outside their homes through programs
the basic
Our goal is to give them hope for a safe future and better opportunities to make every child under
Our care is growing psychologically and socially integrally within the community.

Our Goals

1. Exploit all efforts to ensure comprehensive support and care for orphaned children
Our country, where we have developed and developed a number of programs so as to have an approach
Integrated to ensure comprehensive care for orphans in order to become equal with their peers
Living in the confines of their parents.


2. Ensure access to all types of care and support for all orphans, including financial support
Monthly in addition to moral, health, educational and social support.


3 – Building Waqf for orphans.


4. Opening of other branches of the Society in the other governorates of the Sultanate.


Ibtihaj bint Salem bin Abdul Rab Al Yafia

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Foundation Bahjah Project

BA in Kindergarten – Damascus University
Awarded UNICEF Childhood Award
Received the Sultan Qaboos Award for Volunteering
Received Sanabel Award in GCC for Service Excellence

Abdul Rab bin Salem bin Abdul Rab Al Yafei

Vice Chairman and founder of Bahja Association

Bachelor of Islamic Jurisprudence

Master of Jurisprudence and its Principles)
And commercial advertising in Islamic banks (
PhD in Islamic Banking
Imam and preacher at Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Salalah

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